I started my UX/UI exploration about 7 years ago. I was including interfaces and designing apps with my product concepts to create complete experiences. I didn't know what I was stumbling upon. I was doing what was fun and followed my heart. I realized UX/UI existed when I had a Human Factors class and my teacher, John Kaloustian, introduced me to the world of User Experience. For that class, I created a POS system for a light rail system in Michigan. That project made me feel like I finally found something I was passionate about and I wanted to never let go of that feeling. 
I'm a designer who considers end-user's needs at every stage. I'm very passionate about solving the pain points of an experience. It's not enough that it looks pretty. For me, it has to work efficiently enough to make life easier on the user. When I do projects, I immerse myself in the world of the user (or family) who I'm targeting. I don't use target markets. I put a group of people into "families" and I do research on that family's values, their rules, and the characteristics that makes a person a part of that family.
I had two internships. At Visteon, I helped develop new automotive experiences that incorporated present and future technology. At Pocketsquare, I worked on HMI interfaces and developed brand identities for start-up companies they were partnering with. 
I previously worked at Hungry Howie's as their UX/UI designer. I was responsible for the design and experience of all of their digital consumer touchpoints (websites, mobile apps, etc.). I designed the Howie Rewards App, and the franchisee facing application HOME. Howie Rewards premiered in a Superbowl Ad for Superbowl LI. There are a few other projects I have designed but they haven't been publicly released as of now.
Also, I have had the pleasure of working for a Fortune 10 company, United HealthGroup. I worked as a contract for Optum as a UX/UI designer. The work I received here was a lot more UI focused and company interfacing. Recently, I was a full-time designer at Detroit Labs on their Services team. I worked on various projects for their clients and I focused on projects that were mobile focused.
Currently, I'm looking for freelance opportunities in the Greater Detroit Area. 
Personally, I worked with Will Hitchcock, a software developer at StockX to handle McCrea Deezer debut album release, LAIKI (Life As I Know It). We created his website and promotional products to help promote his album on social media. We also worked with a non-profit sports organization, the Metro Detroit Flag Football League, to create a website for them to use as marketing and a way to register their teams for upcoming seasons.
I'm interested in taking freelance opportunities as a UX/UI designer or a design consultant for a product or brand. 

You can contact me at: me@dshawne.com
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